Psychological Assessment

Dr. Cadow trained at the graduate and post-graduate school level in psychological testing and assessment.  Some of her research, including her doctoral dissertation, examined the MMPI, the most widely used and accepted psychological test of personality.  Her clinical assessment experiences with the MMPI, as well as other instruments, include testing the following populations:  children of all ages, applicants for asylum, couples seeking fertility treatment, bariatric surgery candidates, inpatient psychiatric patients, prison inmates, transgendered individuals, sexual addicts, post-traumatic stress and sexual harassment victims, and veterans of war.  Her evaluations have been used in order to measure intelligence and academic potential in school and non-school settings,  determine the presence of attention deficit disorders in children and adults, and provide evidence for personal injury claims.  She also uses measures to evaluate the stress levels, depression, and trauma of her psychotherapy patients.

Dr. Cadow has served as an expert witness on many legal cases for the past 20 years, providing extensive psychological evaluations and testimony in court and depositions.  Her graduate degree in clinical psychology included a specialization in law and criminology.   She also has post-doctoral level training and experience in the evaluation of children.

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